Tag: WeeklySummary

Week 14

December 3, 2021 By Mason

This week, I finished the last components of my Digital Storytelling course. I published my game on Squiffy and detailed my creative process in […]

Week 13

November 19, 2021 By Mason

This week has been a bit busy, but I was fortunate enough to continue making progress on my final project. I didn’t get as […]

Week 12

November 12, 2021 By Mason

We’re almost at the end. While I’m sad to be leaving behind the assignment bank, I’m glad to have the opportunity to hunker down […]

Week 11

November 5, 2021 By Mason

This week, I completed 11 stars worth of video assignments. This is because, for one, the final product ended up being a bit shorter […]

Week 10

October 30, 2021 By Mason

This week, we focused on video editing. This can be a very time consuming process, so I made sure I got ahead of this […]

Week 9

October 22, 2021 By Mason

One more relatively laid back week in DS106. I started off by listening to a few of my classmates’ radio shows on Monday, taking […]

Week 7

October 8, 2021 By Mason

This week was probably one of the most relaxed I’ve had since the beginning of the course. Despite backloading my week with work, I […]

Week 6

October 1, 2021 By Mason

This week ended up going a lot better than last week. In order to make sure that I didn’t get behind, I got a […]

Week 5

September 25, 2021 By Mason

This was it. This was the week when everything started to fall apart. Let’s start with the positives. I was able to complete all […]

Week 4

September 17, 2021 By Mason

This week in DS106 had an intense focus on visual assignments, with photography being a major focus. I started the week by reflecting on […]