One more relatively laid back week in DS106. I started off by listening to a few of my classmates’ radio shows on Monday, taking a few notes on what stood out to me and blogging my thoughts the next day. Next, I did some work revising my dollar bill and sound effect story assignments. I wanted to start work on these early, as my past experience has told me this would take some time, but I actually finished far earlier than I expected. I posted my final versions only a day after discussing the radio shows. I spent the next few days thinking about what I wanted to do for my final project. I also completed 3 Daily Creates this week and commented on a few of my classmates posts.

By far, one of the biggest highlights of this week was the discovery of TextAdventures. I’ve started experimenting with it and I’m incredibly excited to start working with it on my final project. I have started work on designing a potential “cover” that I can potentially use for it. In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to continue familiarizing myself with some of the functions of this site so that, hopefully, by the time I start to focus solely on my project, I will have enough knowledge to make the process go smoothly.