Week 7

This week was probably one of the most relaxed I’ve had since the beginning of the course. Despite backloading my week with work, I feel very good about the work I completed. The week began with me meeting up with my radio show group to figure out the details of our radio show. My experience creating the radio jingle was fun, I enjoyed creating a simple melody on my computer and then syncing it up with my vocals. My daily creates for this week were also fun, as they all had a heavy emphasis on drawing. I got to create a poster for my radio show, which I was really excited for since my DS106 propaganda poster was one of the projects I really enjoyed doing last week. The process of making my Halloween commercial went very smoothly, despite having to re-record my audio. Once again, I found myself struggling with commenting on other people’s posts, but I think a part of that comes from the fact that I was seeing most of my group’s projects through our group chat, rather than the DS106 course feed. Over fall break, I hope to create a very basic script for my part of the radio show so that I can work out the implementation of my sound design. I’m really excited for my recording session with my group next week, and I hope that everything runs smoothly.

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