This week ended up going a lot better than last week. In order to make sure that I didn’t get behind, I got a few of my assignments done promptly, at the beginning of the week. These included my design reflection and two of my design assignments, one of which was an animation of a comic book cover and the other being a remixed video game cover. I also finished my daily creates a bit early as well, which really helped put my mind at ease. I completed my propaganda poster right after I posted my daily creates, but by the time I was finished with it, I felt too tired to complete my write-up on it, so I waited on posting it until today, after I did my design blitz. The last assignment I did was a Bob Ross themed license plate. I’m pretty pleased with most of these assignments and I’m especially glad to have finally learned how to make a gif; however, there were still a few assignments that I wish that I had taken a stab at, such as the magazine cover or VHS #4life.

With regards to commenting, I didn’t meet all of my goals every day, but I do still feel like this week was a success because I challenged myself to comment on posts from blogs I haven’t commented on. Just today, I saw that one of those people actually commented on my blog for the first time, so that was a very exciting experience.

This week went a lot smoother than last week. I had a lot of obligations last week, and those combined with the time consuming nature of audio editing resulted in a perfect storm that put me in a pretty bad state of crisis mode. I’m a bit more optimistic about this coming week, but I need to make sure that I effectively manage my workload so that I don’t get overwhelmed like I did with the audio assignments. I’m really looking forward to meeting some more of my classmates and I hope that we will be able to do some great work together.