Week 3

September 10, 2021 By Mason

Another exciting week in DS106. This week focused primarily on writing, and began with a few readings and videos on how to create a story using digital mediums. We then had to use what we learned from those texts in order to analyse a story that interested us. Since I am acting in my university’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time I decided to review the book that play was based on. All of the actors were provided a copy of the book, and even though I had already read it, I still enjoyed going back through and creating my own analysis based on what I had taken away from this class’s readings. We were also required to do three Daily Creates, which can I have embedded in a post.

The majority of the work assigned this week had to do with writing. I wrote out a recipe for cookies as a series of haikus, I wrote a short story where each word began with the letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order, I wrote a brief recap as well as a review of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. I would say that my main challenge while completing these assignments was finding a way to make them about this course’s theme, Bob Ross. While I do feel I was able to incorporate him relatively well within the ABC story and my review, I think that there were probably better ways to incorporate him into one of the writing assignments, I just couldn’t think of them in time.

I would say that my greatest victory this week was my increase in community engagement. Not only have I been keeping up with the comments made on my own posts, I have also been doing a good job at consistently commenting on other people’s posts on their own blogs and on twitter. I think going forward, however, I won’t commit to doing three comments a day. This was simply too much at the beginning of the week, when not many blog posts were being made. I found myself going farther back in the course site than I would have liked, making comments on posts that had already been at least a few days old. Instead, I’ll try a graduated scale, where the first few days of the week I’ll only post one comment and, as the week progresses, I’ll move on to two comments and then three or maybe even four.

All in all, I believe I met my goals that I made in my last weekly summary and I hope that even though things are starting to get a bit busier for me (with play rehearsals and community service starting up) I will be able to maintain the standard I have set for myself this week.