This week has been a bit busy, but I was fortunate enough to continue making progress on my final project. I didn’t get as far as I wanted too this week, but I still made some progress with the story and some of the visual assets I intend to use. As of right now, I have vowed to hunker down and finish a lot of my assignments for other classes early so that I can spend the majority of the next few weeks focusing most of my energy on this project.

This week, most of what I did involved advancing the plot of my choose your own adventure narrative. I have gotten to the point where all of the major characters are introduced. My next stage will be fleshing out their dialogue with the player and then investigating the crime scene. In both cases, I will program the game to offer different options based on the player’s choices while progressing through the narrative. After these two scenes, I will introduce a surprise reveal and use that as the catalyst that allows the player to accuse one of the suspects. If the player has found enough evidence to justify them as the murderer, the game will end with them going to jail. If not, the player will get a game over.

Instead of going with my original plan of making several sketch-like assets to be used whenever an object is interacted with, I have instead decided to make a handful of higher quality visuals that will be used at key moments in the story. I have already started uploading them to my Twitter so I could make sure they appeared properly while testing my game.

The only major issue I have encountered so far is with audio. Despite my best efforts, I can not figure out how to get audio to autoplay as the player moves through the story. I have looked at multiple forums threads that attempt to explain the process, but I always find myself at a dead end. I am going to continue experimenting in order to try and find a solution but, as of now, what takes precedence is completing the written narrative I am attempting to construct. My hope is that, by the end of next week, all of my writing and visual assets will be complete and I will have figured out a way to include soundscapes in a way that does not expand my file size beyond the host website’s limit. If I can not, I have another idea that I would like to try in order to incorporate an audio component for my project.

Since finals are approaching, I am a bit nervous for the future, but I know that once Curious Incident closes in a few days, I will have far more time to work on my assignments than I have had previously in the semester. Right now, I just want to focus on whittling down my other obligations and chipping away at this project