This week, we focused on video editing. This can be a very time consuming process, so I made sure I got ahead of this week’s work. I reviewed my classmates’ ideas for their final projects and added a few suggestions of my own on Sunday. The next day, I published a blog post with my completed Daily Creates. I spent the next two days collecting opinions for my video showcasing opinions on James Corden and edited them together that night. Next, I completed my scene analysis in conjunction with an every hour vlog. I completed my last assignment, the “Hitch Cut,” this morning.

It was a light week with regards to commenting. I posted replies to Meredith’s comment on my vlog assignment and Lyndsey’s comment on my James Corden video. I also commented on Elizabeth’s every hour vlog and Meredith’s real life cooking show.

I didn’t get to do too much work on my final project. I did figure out how to give the player an inventory that changes the story based on the objects they have. This was a huge step that allows me to do a lot of different, interesting things, I just haven’t been able to implement it into the game. I am doubtful that I will be able to work on it that much next week. Not only is Curious Incident rehearsal is going to ramp up in preparation for opening night, I also have an essay deadline (the one I was talking about in my every hour vlog) approaching. I know everything will work out, I just need to make sure that I stay on top of everything that’s being thrown at me. Even if I don’t, that’s okay. I’ve had to do a lot this semester. I still have a lot more to do, but the fact that I’ve gotten this far means that I can keep moving forward.