Two Colors. Maybe Three.

This piece was very much inspired by Kayla’s project for this same assignment. The assignment description stated that we had to make a photo black and white and then restore color to a single object. Kayla made an incredibly interesting image where she restored color to a toy machine. The machine was so striking and visually interesting that I wanted to try and replicate something similar on my own. As I was walking around campus, I noticed how the brightly colored emergency boxes stood out against many of the building’s exteriors. So, I took a picture of one and decided to make that my subject.

Using Procreate, I copied the emergency box onto a new layer and decreased the saturation level of the main layer to zero in order to make the background black and white. After reviewing the photo, it felt a bit lacking, so I decided to also copy the blue emergency light above the box as well. Even though the assignment stipulated that color should only be restored to one object, I stand by my decision to color both, as I feel it makes for a stronger image. I’ve included both below and I would love to hear others’ opinions on this.

First, the one without the emergency light.
And the one with.

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed mine enough to try in out yourself! Yours came out amazing. We did great for our first time ever editing a picture this way!

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