The Rick and Morty Pilot Episode

September 2, 2021 By Mason

A few years ago, I had a dream where I watched the Pilot episode of Rick and Morty. This dream was significant to me because I had it before I had actually watched any episodes of Rick and Morty, so aside from all of the memes I had absorbed at that point in time, this was the my first exposure to the show. I don’t remember many of the specifics, but I can break down the general plot of the episode.

The episode’s A-plot followed Rick and Morty’s parents as they attempt to defeat an evil alien queen. She and her army were invading Earth and as the “smartest man in the universe” it was Rick’s responsibility to stop them before Earth is conquered. The alien queen’s character design was similar to that of the alien from the “that sounds like slavery with extra steps” meme but with a blue and purple color palette. I remember this because, at one point, the alien queen sent a video message to Rick. Other than that, the alien queen had no major appearances within the episode, as most of the conflict came from flying saucers that were randomly terrorizing the city.

The B-plot followed Morty on a date with a lollipop shaped woman he attended school with. I say lollipop shaped because the character model had a large, round head and a very thin body. At this point, I did not know about the character of Jessica, so this was an entirely new character created for my dream. I have a vivid memory of the two, sitting near a window at a restaurant and, as they are eating, the audience can see Rick and Morty’s parents fighting aliens outside while flying saucers shoot lasers and crash into buildings. I don’t exactly remember how it happened, but at a certain point the plots converge, the alien queen is defeated, and Morty and the lollipop shaped woman are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. But that isn’t where the episode ends.

This is perhaps my most vivid memory of this dream. The lollipop shaped woman is sitting in the back of a limo. She starts talking to someone opposite her about how “everything is going according to plan.” The camera begins to pan, passing over the limo’s window to reveal that the limo is actually a space limo, flying through outer space. The camera continues panning over to reveal that the person she was talking to was, in fact, the Devil. Unlike the actual Devil from Rick and Morty, this version assumes more traditional depictions of a muscular red man with horns and goat legs. Unfortunately, it was at this point that I woke up, so it is unlikely that I will ever know what exactly the lollipop shaped woman and the Devil were planning, but perhaps it’s best that way.

Looking back on this dream has been fun for me, especially after actually watching Rick and Morty. The show is nothing like how I pictured it as in my dream, but that makes it all the more fun to think about how this was what I expected from from it. Also, even though I got the broad strokes wrong, there are some things that do end up resembling elements from the actual show, such as the inclusion of the Devil and a female love interest posing as a high schooler for the benefit of a larger organization. I guess all that can be learned from this experience was that dreams shouldn’t be trusted as a mode of streaming TV shows, especially ones you haven’t watched yet.