Swindon Monthly

November 12, 2021 By Mason

I wanted to do something new for my second remix assignment. I chose to remix the “We’ve got you covered” assignment since I had considered doing that one in the past. The remix I got was to make it intentionally cheesy, to the point of being awful.

In honor of my play opening this week, I based my magazine on some of the inside jokes that the cast has developed. The cover photo I used was a “family portrait” that we had taken backstage during one of our rehearsal breaks. The header and title are both based on the location the main character lives; Swindon, Wiltshire. I chose the green and white color palette because those are the colors of the Wiltshire flag. I downloaded the font Subway Circle for the “Swindon Monthly” text from DaFont. Since a large part of the show takes place in or around trains, I could not resist. The rest of the text uses fonts already downloaded on Procreate and reflect a different meme from the play.

After sleeping on this draft, I decided that I could still make it much worse. So, this morning I labeled each of the people with their character names and added a lot of artistic elements using the pen tool. The final product has an incomprehensible use of colors that leave some text nearly illegible, perfect for something that is deliberately awful.