Romance Novel

September 15, 2021 By Mason

One assignment from the DS106 assignment bank that caught my eye was the Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge. For this assignment, we had to take a postcard from a bank on Flickr and add a caption to “[raise] the love spirit to a new level.” Unfortunately, when I followed the link to find a card to use, I got an error page. Undeterred, I searched the name of the artist (Franco Accornero) using Google and found this very spicy painting of a couple in front of the Washington Monument.

Since the assignment description stated that the artist typically did work for romance novels, I thought I would get a kick out of transforming it into a fake romance novel cover. I got a lot of my inspiration for the style by looking up “gothic romance novels” on Google images. This blog has several great examples that I drew from. So, I present to you Secrets of the President’s Cabinet, a romantic thriller about two political rivals who have to keep their affair a secret from the most powerful man in the United States.

Romance of the Ages