Radio Show Week 2

October 14, 2021 By Mason

My group has made quite a bit of progress with our Radio Show. Today, we met in the HCC and recorded our portions of the show. We decided to record them together so they would have a consistent sound quality. After they were all recorded, I emailed the raw tracks to each of my fellow group members so we could all individually edit our own sections. I volunteered to edit everything together, so I asked all of my group members to send their parts to me once they’ve been finalized.

I have already finished editing my portion. One of the challenges that came with that is I had mentioned the name of my employer multiple times throughout the recording. After it was over, one of my group mates pointed out that we should probably not name the company we worked for. Consequently, I had to go back through my recording and censor any mention of the retail chain I worked for (I assumed mentions of other chains was fine though). I also added a disclaimer to the beginning of my portion using a text to speech site to explain what was going on. With that done, and my other group mates already sending me their finished parts, all I have to do is start piecing everything together.