Radio Show Progress

October 8, 2021 By Mason

This past Tuesday, me and my radio show group met through a facetime call in order to figure out the details for our radio show. We started by talking about the tone we wanted to set, deciding that a more comedic show would probably interest us more than a serious one. Next, we went through all of the topics we had proposed and decided on whether or not they were feasible given what we wanted to do. We settled on the general idea that we would each share stories from our experiences at work, and we named the show “Stories From Behind the Counter.” Next, we figured out who would be responsible for providing some of the required elements for the show, such as commercials, bumpers, promos, etc. We decided that I would be responsible for a commercial and a poster, and I also decided to create a small jingle for our show so that I could complete my second Audio assignment. Towards the end of the meeting, we discussed when we should meet again to record, and after settling on a time, I reserved us a room in the HCC. Until then, we’re supposed to figure out what story we’re going to tell and how to incorporate elements of sound design into them. Even though it is not quite too comedic, I think I will describe how the inventory processes worked. It may sound boring, but I have a clear idea of how I want to include sound in my storytelling, and I hope that I can make it engaging for the listeners.