Radio Show Poster

October 8, 2021 By Mason

In preparation for our radio show, the class was assigned a few projects to help promote our show. The bank we had to pick from included posters, bumper stickers, and logos. I chose to create a poster for my promo. The radio show I am doing with my partners is based on our experiences at work, so I decided to pull from my time at Wal-Mart to create my design.

For the focal point of my poster, I was inspired by the kinds of buttons and pins that many of my coworkers had. I chose the phrase “How can I help you” because it’s a simple question that I could see a retailer putting on an employee uniform. I chose the colors green and blue for the button because the specific Wal-Mart I worked at was a Neighborhood Wal-Mart, and unlike regular Wal-Mart stores, they have a green and blue color scheme. I felt that a white background would be boring, so I decided to make it a pale, pinkish color. That way, it wasn’t plain, but it also was not obnoxious to look at against the brighter colors of the button.

Finally, I added the name of our radio show and a small tag at the bottom to indicate where the show could be listened to.