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What I would probably like to do most for my radio show would be to make a sequel to The Dick Johnson Chronicles: Murder at McMystery Mansion. Around the second week at college, I participated in a 24 hour theatre festival in which participants had 24 hours to write, direct, and perform a few 10 minute original pieces of theatre. For my piece, I decided to make a farcical detective story. It’s a story that I really enjoyed writing and would love to revisit some of the characters and make an entirely new story with them. Since the theme of this course is “the joy of ds106” I was thinking it could be something like Massacred Masterpiece Malfeasance at Midnight where Dick has to figure out who “killed” a Bob Ross painting. Alternatively, I would also be interested in doing something horror themed, like the Escape serials, but I’m not sure how to tie that into the course theme.

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  1. A murder mystery is a great idea, and gives all kinds of opportunities to work sound production into a story. Something horror themed would be great too. one way to tie it to the theme might be to add in Bob Ross art supply commercials and have them work as counterpoint to the story. You could take lines from his show where he talks about his knife and give them a whole new meaning.

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