Radio Jingle

October 7, 2021 By Mason

So, one of our assignments for the next two weeks in DS106 is to create a 20-30 minute radio show. This involved getting together with other students as well as creating several smaller pieces of media that can be used in the show. When I met with my group yesterday, we settled on doing a show where we talked about some of our experiences working retail, and we decided to call it Stories from Behind the Counter. We divided up most of the work, and one of the projects I decided to do in order to help out was to create a jingle that could be used in our show.

Since I didn’t want the jingle to just be me singing, I decided to use Garageband to see if I could make an instrumental track that could play underneath my voice. Since I already had an idea for the tune I wanted to use for the lyric portion, it was just a matter of creating an introduction using the piano. I’m not well versed in music terminology, so I don’t exactly know how to describe how I made my melody. All I know is that I ended up having to redo it multiple times because playing “piano” on a laptop keyboard isn’t exactly the best way to make music. After making the backing track, I recorded the vocals and adjusted their placement so they were coordinated with the piano and saved it to my computer.

There’s really not much to say about the creation of the voice part, as it’s just the title of the show. Maybe it could have been longer, but I feel comfortable with it as is considering the fact that most jingles don’t go that in depth with their subject matter. It’s just supposed to be a fun little supplementary thing that can go at the beginning and end of the show.