Propaganda Poster

October 1, 2021 By Mason

For this assignment, I didn’t want to just take an already made poster and substitute its text with something new. I had already done that quite a few times before. I wanted to challenge myself to create my own DS106 Propaganda poster from scratch.

I wanted my poster to focus on a central image with a header and footer bordering it on the top and bottom. This would allow me to add in a slogan and a tag with the course title without either intruding on the image. I chose blue as the primary color for the header and footer, specifically the same shade of blue used in the Virginia flag. There’s no reason in particular that I chose that color, I just really liked it and I had it saved in Procreate from a Daily Create that I did a while ago.

I am a big fan of short, concise slogans. The one I made to represent DS106 was “yes I can.” I chose this phrase because its a simple message of affirmation that goes along with the main theme of this semester in DS106. Bob Ross’s main goal was to help people make art, and the phrase “yes I can” is something that an individual can say in order to affirm their own skill.

The last thing I did for this poster was the image. I used a silhouette or a person because I knew I didn’t want to represent a specific kind of person, rather a hypothetical collective that anyone could see themselves as. Next, I used one of my paintbrush tools to create a series of colored streaks behind the silhouette. As the stereaks went over in front of the silhouette, I started to blend them together and used a tool that created a glitch effect in order to help demonstrate the transformation from physical art to digital art.