Poetic Recipe

Preheat the oven

three hundred fifty degrees

next start the batter

one cup of butter

at temperature of the room

add half cup sugar

beat it for a while

add one fourth teaspoon of salt

also add an egg

and then finally

one and one half teaspoon of

vanilla extract

mix them and combine

gently add in two cups flour

that’s the end of dough.

take some wads of dough

roll them all into small balls

place on baking sheet

Now you’re good to bake

fifteen to twenty minutes

pull them out it’s done!

So, a little over a year ago, one of the artists I follow posted a bunch of recipes for cookies. Naturally, I really wanted to try them out, but it seemed like I was always missing one ingredient for each of them. The only one I had all of the ingredients for was a recipe for butter cookies. They were simple, but they were delicious and I had a really good time making them. Once I saw this assignment, I knew that I wanted to share this recipe with DS106, even if it is made a bit less comprehensible through the medium in which it is presented.

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