Photo Analysis

September 13, 2021 By Mason

This week in DS106, we are required to analyse a few of the photos we have for certain aspects of photography that impact what the image communicates.

High School Library at Christmas

The first photo I would like to analyse is one that I took at my high school’s library. Though this is not one of my favorite photos that I have, I do think that it is important because of its use of selection, perspective, and balance. I was very particular when getting this photo. To make the photo as effective as possible, I got down on the shelf’s level and aligned the image so the standee and the book were both in the middle of the frame. Their position on either side places the focus directly on them and having the standee slightly closer guides the viewer to read that first before moving on to the book.

San Antonio Walmart

The next photo I wanted to share was one I took while at a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas. By photographing this at the end of a very long, open aisle, I was able to create a sense of great depth as the viewer’s eye follows the displays on the side all the way to the end. Also, by pure accident, I was able to create a framed foreground with the endcap of sunglasses on the right and the woman in dark clothing on the left. Both subjects create a dark border on either side of the bottom of the photograph, focusing the viewer’s attention on the long, flat aisle between them.

Hotel Encounter

The final image I wanted to share was from the same costume party I had mentioned in yesterday’s post. Unfortunately, I can not take credit for this photograph, as it was one of my friends who took it. However, I do think it serves as a great example of contrast, lighting, and moment. Firstly, there is a very obvious contrast between me (in the horse mask) and the man in the background. He is wearing a very bright yellow shirt, while I am wearing a dark grey suit jacket and a blue sweater. In addition, he is positioned in a way that allows the light to fully illuminate him, while I am standing so that I am backlit, increasing the contrast between his brightness and my darkness. Finally, I’d like to draw attention to the man’s expression as he looks at me. It’s a perfect mix of emotion that can’t quite be described and could have only been caught in that moment.