Gif Time Babee

September 28, 2021 By Mason

In one of my past weekly reflections, I lamented the fact that I did not make any gif assignments. Gifs are a form of media that I don’t use that often and had no experience with creating, so the idea of trying to learn an entirely new skill while also completing enough stars worth of assignments was intimidating. Fortunately, today was a good day, and that meant I felt up to the task of trying something new. I saw that in the Design assignment bank there were a few gif assignments, so I decided to attempt to do one of those. I chose the animated comic book covers because when I was younger, I enjoyed reading a lot of comics. DC’s New 52 had started up when I was at the perfect age to start getting into comics, but I also had a few collections of vintage Batman, Superman, and Plastic Man comics.

When looking for a comic book cover to animate, I decided to simply search “weird comic book covers” on Google images. After looking through the results for a while, I settled on one of the first images that came up, which came from Vulture article that contained 25 weird Batman comic book covers.

25 Weird Batman Comic-Book Covers - Slideshow - Vulture

This image in particular spoke to me because it had a level of camp to it, but it also presented a clear motion that could be translated into a gif format. I once again used Procreate for this project (it has an animation tool that allows you to create gifs) and cut Batman, Robin, the pole, and a portion of Mogo’s arm so that I could lower and raise them to create different frames of animation. For this process, I also had to recolor portions of the background and fill in parts that would have been emptied by the image manipulation (look at the part of the pole closest to the ape). In the end, making a gif turned out to be a lot less difficult than I had imagined it being. In spite of a few hiccups, the process was still really fun and I am very proud with my final product.