Gamer Zone

September 29, 2021 By Mason

One design project that caught my eye was the Remixed Game Covers assignment. It was interesting to me because the image used as an example was for an Atari game, and Atari is a game company that seems to get very little love from the mainstream public nowadays. After seeing this, I thought it would be fun to make my own game cover from a console that’s less relevant than Atari, the Intellivision. Intellivision was a console made my Mattel, and they were Atati’s primary competitor during the early 1980s. I searched Google Images and found the cover for the game Pitfall!, which was released for both Intellivision and Atari. It looked so goofy and over the top th

I didn’t want my text to stand out from the rest of the box, so I searched on DaFont for a font similar to the one used in the original title, settling on one named Quicksilver. I downloaded it and opened it in Procreate so that I could use it to make my new game title. Since the character on the box art is clearly meant to emulate Indiana Jones, I decided to call him Manitoba Jones (after the Canadian Province) and add a subtitle that alludes to the more dubious nature of Indiana Jones style archaeology. I finished by cutting out a piece of the rope so that it could be placed in front of the text, since Manitoba’s action seems to be occurring in front of the box art.

I really liked this assignment, and even though it was a bit similar to the romance novel assignment, I’m glad I chose this one since it gave me the opportunity to learn how to add a new font in Procreate.