Fresh From the Oven

November 12, 2021 By Mason

I completed three more daily creates for this week. First, I responded to a story prompt with two images. The prompt was “a witch was murdered by someone who was 100 years old.” I responded with an image of a gingerbread house and an old German man with a gun. The idea I was going for was “Hansel’s revenge” which I hope the images effectively conveyed.

The second one I completed was the “that’s the magic word” DC. I was in the midst of some very spicy inside jokes behind the scenes of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, so I used one of them in this project.

Finally, the last Daily Create I did had me make art out of an image of a cracked sidewalk. For mine, I took the image that was posted by the DC twitter account and drew over it in Procreate to turn it into a piece of modern art.