Design Blitzd

October 1, 2021 By Mason
Ice Cream Place

So, one of our tasks for this week in DS106 was to go out and take pictures of objects that demonstrated aspects of design. From my understanding, our subject could be anything, so long as it had to do with one of the elements mentioned on the assignment page. Having this much freedom was a bit intimidating, but I was eventually able to settle on four pictures that I thought illustrated some of the ideas pretty well.

My first picture was of Carl’s ice cream, which I have chosen to demonstrate color. One of my castmates’ birthday was on a day we had rehearsal, so we decided to walk to Carl’s afterward to celebrate. While I was there, I noticed how the lights over the side windows were colored white, while the lights over the front windows were colored yellow. This choice makes the front of the building stand out and helps guide customers to the main window where they can place their order.

My next picture was of a flyer for UMW’s production of Nickel and Dimed that I had picked up a few weeks ago. Using approximate symmetry, this flyer is a good example of how balance can be effectively used to create visual interest. The plate in the middle is the main focus of the image. Apart from the coins and text that are superimposed on it, it is completely symmetrical. Underneath, the use of similar paint strokes on either side of the flyer creates a sense of thematic symmetry, but the use of different colors makes the image more interesting to look at.

Next, I wanted to give an example of some bad design. The third image is a menu for a pizza place on campus, and it is a perfect example of what not to do with regards to typography. I have looked at this image, and I can count nine separate fonts that are in play here (excluding the logo and slogan). There is absolutely no reason for that many fonts to be at play in a single image. It makes the entire design look inconsistent and cluttered.

Finally, I wanted to end on a positive note, so I took a picture of one of the best pieces of design I have seen on campus, the Hissho Sushi logo. This logo does a fantastic job using metaphors and symbols. Having the two vertical lines in the “H” represent chopsticks and giving the “o” a red dot in the center so that it looks like sushi are both brilliant, subtle touches that incorporate the kind of food they serve into their logo.