Assignment Redux

October 20, 2021 By Mason

This week, we were tasked with revisiting some of the projects we have already done in order to revise and improve upon them. The projects I chose were my Bob Ross dollar bill and my sound effect story. I chose the dollar bill because, after posting it, my instructor recommended an image editing website that would help give the image of Bob Ross I used a look that was cohesive with the rest of the bill. As for the sound effect story, I had a lot of other ideas that I wanted to include, but couldn’t because I was running low on time. Instead of taking the projects I had already made and revising them, I decided to keep the materials from the original and start both of them over. By starting fresh, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t limited to the product I had made before, and could take things in a new direction, if I desired.

For the dollar bill, I started by uploading the image of Bob Ross I used to a website called PhotoFunia, where I used the engraving effect to make the image look like it was made in the style of US currency portraits. In Procreate, I erased Washington from the image and put Bob Ross in his place. I considered keeping the original, darker background, but I soon realized that would not contrast well against Ross’s afro. Next, erased “Washington” from the bottom of the portrait and used text and warp tools to replace it with “Ross” in a similar font. I also erased the Secretary of the Treasury’s signature and replaced it with a png of Bob Ross’s signature that I turned from red to black. The last of the new changes I made was changing “Reserve” at the top of the bill to “Rosserve.” When doing this, I also made sure to adjust the position of the text so that it remained centered.

In addition to these new changes, I also re-did the original changes I made, with some quality of life improvements. I replaced the “and” in “public and private” in order to better grammatically with the phrasing I had implemented in the original. The position of “The United States of Ross” was centered on the bill, and the second B in both serial numbers was aligned better with the rest of the characters.

For my sound effect story remake, I retained all of the sounds from my original version, but decided to add an entirely new act to the narrative. Instead of opening in the diner, I began in a car that is driving in the rain. The story then follows that person as they park, leave the car, enter the diner, sit down, and get coffee. This necessitated the acquisition of a lot of new sounds, such as the sound of a car driving, a gear shift change, the car door opening and closing, wet footsteps, a normal door opening and closing, the sound of wiping feet on a mat, a person sitting down, a set of footsteps for the waiter and customer, and the pouring of a cup of coffee. I even had to get a seperate sound specifically for the effect of rain falling on the car roof.

The rest of the story plays out as it did in the original, albeit with the timing slightly altered. The thunder crashes, the piece of glassware breaks, the second clap of thunder comes in and the diner loses power. However, I did add the sound of sweeping broken glass and a sip of coffee between the thunder crashes just to make that period a bit more sonically interesting. Overall, I am much happier with this sound effect story, and it’s much more in line with the original vision I had when I originally did the project.

By revisiting these projects, I was surprised at not only how much I was able to improve upon them, but how easy it was for me to make them better. Things that seemed too time consuming for me to do in the original versions, such as the editing of “Reserve” or the addition of the driving sequence, came very naturally to me. Spending so much time with these tools has really helped me become more confident in using them and more capable of making better work.