A Horse: Scene From a Failing Marriage

September 24, 2021 By Mason

Last semester, I took a playwriting course. In it, I ended up writing quite a few short scripts for scenes. While browsing the Audio Assignments in the assignment bank, I saw that one of them was to act out a scene from a play. So, I decided to act out one of the scenes I had written for the playwriting class. The scene I chose was called A Horse: Scene from a Marriage. It was so called because the characters in the scene are getting a divorce, and “a horse” sounds a little like “divorce.”

For the character voices I didn’t want to do anything too extreme. The main male character’s voice was pretty much my own, the main female character’s voice was a more breathy version of mine, and for the waitress I went with a stereotypical nasal teenager type voice.

When recording my lines, I did them all in Audacity, with each character on a seperate track. That way I could layer some of the voices slightly on top of each other in order to get a more naturalistic feel for the dialogue. Then, I divided each of the lines into movable sections and started structuring them together. Once the dialogue felt good, I added a free background track just to help set the mood and sense of space.

I did run into a problem where I had forgotten to record one of the character’s lines and since it was late at night and my roommate was sleeping, I had go outside to the common area and record it out there, but otherwise I didn’t have any problems making my script into an actual performance.