7 Photos in a minute

September 14, 2021 By Mason


My Photoblitz started in my dorm, but eventually took me to places all across the lower side of campus. The first task was to take a picture with my camera at floor level, so I decided to snap a pic of the hallway outside my dorm room. Next, I had to photograph something loud. I went over to a spot on campus where construction had been happening, but since none of the workers were around, all I could do was photograph one of their pieces of equipment that, I am sure, makes a lot of noise. I then had to take a photo dominated by a single color. I interpreted this to mean that I should take a photo where one color stood out against a backdrop. As I was walking, I noticed that one of the banners on a lamppost looked very striking against the trees, so I took a photo of that. Next, I had to do something with glasses. This was no problem for me, as I wear glasses, so I simply took them off, placed them on a brick surface, and photographed them. I then had to find my favorite number. This was a bit challenging, as my favorite number is a double digit number (27) so I thought my best bet would be to look at a few cars and see if any of them had a license plate number that included those digits. Fortunately enough, one such car did. Next, I needed a texturous photograph. For this one, I simply looked to the ground and found a patch of sandy soil with a lot of small rocks and bits of wood that I thought looked interesting. Finally, the last photograph I needed had to be of graffiti. Since I’ve spent some time walking around campus, I’ve become relatively familiar with some of the stranger things that can be found here. Among them are a few tags by a vandal who goes by “Taurus.” This is one of two tags that I have found, and I am curious as to whether or not there are more in that same area of campus.

On the floor

There weren’t any clocks that I could photograph at that end of campus, so I had to settle for taking one of my IPad’s lock screen just to prove I had done it all within the 20 minute time limit. Overall, this assignment was quite fun. It can be a little difficult at times if you don’t have ideas for some of the photos right at the start, but I suppose that’s what makes it interesting.