5 Days of Creation

September 3, 2021 By Mason

This past week, students of DS106 were asked to complete at least 5 Daily Creates. A Daily Create is a shortform assignment posted on this blog in order to get people in the habit of doing something creative every day. The first task I completed was on August 29th. The assignment was to use a piece of logo generating software in order to create our own logos. I entered my initials into the generator and continued making new logos until I found one that I really liked.

The next Daily Create I did was to find a piece of art within a gallery and give it a one word review. I chose to call the painting below “civilization” because the tall shapes in its center made me think of skyscrapers in some sort of futuristic city.

Next was to create a malaphor, a misappropriation of two seperate metaphors resulting in a single metaphor that makes little sense. At first, it was difficult for me to think of two metaphors that would work together well, but after doing a bit of light online searching, I was able to close in on a malaphor that I liked. After settling on my prefered combination, I illustrated it and posted it on Twitter.

My penultimate Daily Create was to find a covert amazon Echo located within my home. After a bit of searching, I found one hidden within a book I had been given for play rehearsal.

Finally, The last Daily Create I completed this week was to photoshop the flag of my home state onto my hand. I’ve spent my entire life living in Virginia, so I went to the Wikipedia page for Virginia’s flag and seal and superimposed their picture of the flag onto my hand a mere two hours before the day ended.