At the Diner

September 24, 2021 By Mason

The last audio assignment I completed for this class was a sound effects story. For this assignment we had to create a short narrative using only sound effects. Since I had already set my other two audio assignments in restaurants, I decided to make this one “restaurant themed” as well. This time I wanted to set it in a diner, so I looked on for a song that sounded like it could be played on a Jukebox I settled on the song Turn Around by Charlie Megria & the Bet She’an Valley Hillbillies. I then cut out a portion of the song that I liked and altered the resonance to give it a more echoey, nostalgic feel. Next, I got some indistinct chatter from, where I located all of the sound effects for my piece.

For the actual narrative of my story, I thought I would create a situation in which the power at the diner went out, so I got some ambient rain and a clap of thunder. I layered the rain underneath the music and chatter. I attempted to muffle it so that it would sound more like it was outside, but I didn’t like what that sounded like, so I reverted the audio to its original form. I found a place I liked for the clap of thunder and placed the sound of a plate breaking immediately after. I knew from the start that I wanted someone to be startled by the thunder and drop the plate, but I realized that would probably take away from the moment when the power goes out, so I decided to add a second thunder clap and have that be when the power goes out. I still wanted a significant reaction when the plate dropped, so I deleted a segment of the indistinct chatter and then had it fade back in a few seconds later. After the second clap of thunder, I added an electrical noise to signal that there was a problem with the power and cut out both the chatter and the music so that only the rain remained.

This was an altogether fun assignment. It was a bit challenging finding the exact sound effects I needed, as I wasn’t sure what keywords to search at some points, but it was very satisfying to be able to put everything together into one single audio experience.