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McMystery Mansion Trailer

This is it. The last component of my final project. A short trailer for my choose your own adventure game. Like with my silent film trailer, I composed my own original music for this project. I started with a simple hi hat beat and layered a bass, saxophone, and clarinet on top to make a […]


Country Bob

I revisited my Bob Ross dollar bill for my first remix assignment. The remix I got was to somehow “countrify” my bill. I did this by downloading a png of a cowboy hat that was at a similar position to Ross’s head in the unedited picture I used. I then placed it on top of […]


TDC Week 9

Another week where we were required to do three more Daily Creates, with the added twist that we had to make them all connect into a single story. I began by making a meme using a bat-signal meme generator. I edited the text placement within the image to make it look like the signal was […]


License Plate

For my final design assignment of the week, I decided to create a personalized license plate based on Bob Ross. For this, I started by searching for some information about him. After reading about him on Wikipedia, I learned that he spent a lot of his life in Florida, so I decided to use a […]


Daily Creates Vol. 4

Three more daily creates. The first one had us white out some words in a poem in order to make an entirely new one. Or, in my case, a stripped down version of the original. Next, I had to make a piece of art focused on one of the elements on the Periodic Table. I […]


Test Pattern

Another assignment within the bank that interested me was the Technical Difficulties assignment. Test patterns are things that I think can be very interesting, if done well, so I thought making a DS106 themed one would be a good idea for a project. I chose to use an annotated version of the “RCA Indian Head” […]