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Funny Money

In this assignment, I digitally edited a one dollar bill to replace George Washington with universally beloved painter Bob Ross. Not only that, I edited a few of the bill’s other features just for fun. Below is the final product. This week in DS106, we were told to go through a categorized bank of assignments […]


Week 1

I started the week by reviewing what tasks I needed to complete on the DS106 blog. In order to keep myself organized, I entered each of the individual assignments into my planner on Mystudylife. I made sure to make it so that each of the assignments were “due” on a different day so that I […]


DS106 Goals

This semester, I am taking a course called Digital Studies. I enrolled in it because, out of all the classes I could take to fulfill my Digital Intensive requirement, this seemed the most interesting. I really enjoy writing and the thought of exploring how to tell stories through digital mediums felt like a natural way […]


The Joy of Painting

Before now, I had never seen an episode of The Joy of Painting. Through cultural osmosis, I knew who Bob Ross was as well as his general reputation as the “wholesome art guy” but I hadn’t had any firsthand experience with his work until last Friday. As a part of one of my classes, I […]



Hello! My name is Mason Oberle. Some people call me MO so, if that’s more to your liking, feel free to call me that. I enjoy making art, building lego, playing video games, and watching video essays on youtube. I’ll primarily be using this blog to house all of the work I’m doing for my […]