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Radio Show Progress

This past Tuesday, me and my radio show group met through a facetime call in order to figure out the details for our radio show. We started by talking about the tone we wanted to set, deciding that a more comedic show would probably interest us more than a serious one. Next, we went through […]


Radio Show Poster

In preparation for our radio show, the class was assigned a few projects to help promote our show. The bank we had to pick from included posters, bumper stickers, and logos. I chose to create a poster for my promo. The radio show I am doing with my partners is based on our experiences at […]


Week 6 of TDC

Another week, another set of Daily creates. For my first one, I created a set or “words on the wall” for our course. As I stated in my propaganda poster post, I really like messages that are short and direct, so I made a three word message that I think demonstrates a key philosophy of […]


Week 6

This week ended up going a lot better than last week. In order to make sure that I didn’t get behind, I got a few of my assignments done promptly, at the beginning of the week. These included my design reflection and two of my design assignments, one of which was an animation of a […]


Design Blitzd

So, one of our tasks for this week in DS106 was to go out and take pictures of objects that demonstrated aspects of design. From my understanding, our subject could be anything, so long as it had to do with one of the elements mentioned on the assignment page. Having this much freedom was a […]


Three More Creates

This week was pretty good so far, and I was actually able to complete my daily creates a bit early. To start off, I replaced the word love in a song with Monty Python. Why did it have to be Monty Python? What do they have to do with it? Who knows. All that matters […]