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Daily Creates for Week 11

Time to share another round of Daily Creates. The first one I completed required me to show what the three horsemen of the learning apocalypse (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) looked like. I took a few screenshots of my Canvas page and edited them together in Procreate to demonstrate how these concepts permeate the learning space […]


Week 10

This week, we focused on video editing. This can be a very time consuming process, so I made sure I got ahead of this week’s work. I reviewed my classmates’ ideas for their final projects and added a few suggestions of my own on Sunday. The next day, I published a blog post with my […]


Video Analysis

One of the mandatory assignments that needed to be done this week was an analysis of a scene through a video essay. Choosing a scene to analyse was difficult at first, as I needed to chose one that had to do with our course theme. I couldn’t remember any scenes from my favorite films that […]


DC done early

Great news! I got my Daily Creates done early this week. I knew I would probably have a lot that I needed to complete this week, so I wanted to finish these up as soon as possible. Yesterday, I made an acrostic with my name and illustrated it in Procreate. Today, I had to determine […]