Month: December 2021

Week 14

This week, I finished the last components of my Digital Storytelling course. I published my game on Squiffy and detailed my creative process in a post on my blog. Then, I uploaded a short trailer for it on YouTube and posted about it. Through these projects, I tried my best to utilize several of the […]


McMystery Mansion Trailer

This is it. The last component of my final project. A short trailer for my choose your own adventure game. Like with my silent film trailer, I composed my own original music for this project. I started with a simple hi hat beat and layered a bass, saxophone, and clarinet on top to make a […]


The Dick Johnson Chronicles

Over Thanksgiving break, I completed my final project, a choose your own adventure game based on a play I wrote. You can find and play the game by clicking the link above. Making this project was a very long and difficult process, one which I will attempt to describe in this post. Writing for this […]