Week 12

November 12, 2021 By Mason

We’re almost at the end. While I’m sad to be leaving behind the assignment bank, I’m glad to have the opportunity to hunker down and work on my final project.

For this week, I did two mashup assignments and two remix assignments. My first mashup was an edit of the 1993 Super Mario movie to feature Chris Pratt and Charlie Day. The second was an Indiana Jones inspired poster for the film The Rocketeer. For my remix assignments, I edited my Bob Ross dollar bill and created a very awful looking magazine cover. I also completed three daily creates this week and commented on a few of my classmate’s posts.

Even though I haven’t been able to do much work on my final project these past few weeks, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what exactly I’m going to do for it. My main focus when making it is going to be on the writing portion of my text adventure. In addition to making a complete story, I also want to give the player the agency to make all sorts of decisions over the course of the narrative. This can easily get out of hand (the part I have already completed features several tangents that introduce more variables into the world), so I think I will focus my story in one primary location, with an introductory area to supplement it. The agency of the player will primarily come from what objects they decide to pick up at the start of the story. I have a long list of items that the player can add to their inventory and I am going to make sure each of them can be used at one point during the story.

I want to add images and soundscapes to this project. The soundscapes will simply represent the environment the player is in. This will be a bit derivative of the sound effect story, but focusing more on atmosphere rather than narrative. For the images, I plan on making my own drawings for each object, location, and person, as if it were in the player’s detective notebook.

These will be my primary points of focus for the project; writing, player agency, supplementary art, and soundscapes. My hope is to be able to incorporate all these into a single, comedic experience that will offer substantial replay value.