The Batman Silent Trailer

November 3, 2021 By Mason

For my first assignment of the week, I decided to try my hand at creating a silent film version of a recently released movie trailer. One of the trailers that struck me the most in the past few months was for the film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. This trailer already had a heavy noire aesthetic, so I thought translating it into a silent movie trailer would be fitting. I screen recorded the original trailer and imported it to IMovie, where I used a “silent movie” filter to make the footage appear old.

For the dialogue cards, I used the same title card I have been using for my previous video assignments. I imposed the text onto it in Procreate and imported each image into IMovie. When cutting the shots and dialogue cards together, I had to make sure they fit in naturally. For the shots in which dialogue was actually spoken, I placed the card after the character stopped speaking. For shots where the dialogue is simply voice over, I either placed it between shots at around the time the line was spoken or removed it entirely. I also re-ordered and cut a few clips for the sake of keeping the trailer streamlined. By making these choices, I intended to decrease potential confusion that could come from having too many unrelated shots and unattributed dialogue cards in close proximity.

Since the point of the assignment is to emulate the look from a vintage movie, I also found and incorporated very old logos from Warner Bros, DC Comics, and Batman.

After editing the images and video clips together, the last thing I had to do was add a soundtrack. Unfortunately, none of the songs I found fit the mood that I was trying to achieve, so I decided to make my own score. Using Garageband’s musical typing tool, I made a series of short piano songs to use in the video. This was where most of my time working on this project went, as I had to make sure I made an appropriate sound for each scene, but being able to hear the final result was very rewarding, even if it runs a bit shorter than the assignment bank writeup said it should be.