Test Pattern

September 17, 2021 By Mason

Another assignment within the bank that interested me was the Technical Difficulties assignment. Test patterns are things that I think can be very interesting, if done well, so I thought making a DS106 themed one would be a good idea for a project. I chose to use an annotated version of the “RCA Indian Head” test pattern from a collection of vintage TV test patterns. I traced over the image in Procreate, retaining most of the original’s elements, but I decided to replace the Native American with an image of Bob Ross since it’s not exactly kind to use a stereotypical depiction of a group of people as a major focal point of your graphic design. I also decided not to trace over the contents of the four circles in the corner, opting instead to fill them with four pieces of Bob Ross artwork, all of which I found here. I accomplished this by using the color fill tool on the layer with the test pattern, leaving the four circles empty, and placing images each of the paintings on the layer below.