TDC Week 9

October 22, 2021 By Mason

Another week where we were required to do three more Daily Creates, with the added twist that we had to make them all connect into a single story. I began by making a meme using a bat-signal meme generator. I edited the text placement within the image to make it look like the signal was a message from the citizens for Batman (Who I renamed Capeman for my story) asking him to leave his perch.

The next DC I did was on National Day on Writing. For that, I wrote a short blurb about Capeman’s decision to leave his bridge and stop actively protecting the city. I wrote the story in Google Docs and copy/pasted it into Procreate so I could make it more visually interesting.

The last DC I completed had to do with drawing the “DS106 elves.” For this, I had Capeman take on a more elf-like appearance and showed off where he has been hiding in preparation for his inevitable return as the crimefighter of Cape City.