Stories From Behind the Counter

October 15, 2021 By Mason

For my portion of the radio show, I started by editing out all mentions of my employer’s name. I did this by muting portions of audio that contained the name and overlaying a scanner beep sound effect on top of that portion. Next, since some of the people in my group had a backing track, so I thought I should add one to mine as well. My job was working retail, so I searched Free Sound Archive for a decent ambient track that could be easily looped underneath my segment.

I struggled with linking the course theme to the content of my segment. Instead, I used the course theme to influence my approach to how I shared my content. The Joy of Painting was Bob Ross’s way of teaching people something that he was very interested in. In my part of the show, I go on a tangent about how different departments do inventory. The processes themselves are very mundane, but I actually find them very interesting, and my describing them, I wanted other people to learn about them.

After I finished editing my segment, I started putting together all of my group’s segments, bumpers, and commercials into one audio file. I uploaded it to Soundcloud and sent the rest of my group a link to it.