Last week, I spent some time looking over a few of my classmates’ ideas for their final project. Now, I have the opportunity to revisit some of them and give some of my own thoughts on how to expand upon them.

On her blog, Kylie said she was interested in doing something a project where she took photos throughout her day from a ground-level perspective. This sounds like a very interesting idea, and I’ve been thinking about how something like that should be presented. Ithink it would be really cool to see a sort of montage that places all of those images together. That could sort of make a stop motion film out of them. Alternatively, a scrapbook type of layout could be fun to design.

Grace, who was a part of the freshman advice radio show, said she wanted to continue that work. I know that in the radio show, there were a few commercials for a planner, tip book, and cookbook. Writing up a few recipes/tips and formatting them into a book may be an interesting challenge.

These are just a few ideas I got while looking at other people’s proposals. I saw a lot of great project proposals out there, and I’m incredibly excited to see what comes of them.