One of my favorite comfort movies is the 1991 superhero film The Rocketeer. One of the most prominent descriptions of the film that I have seen is that it is “an airborne Indiana Jones.” So, for my second mashup assignment, I decided to make a Rocketeer poster in the style of Indiana Jones.

The specific poster I used as a template was one for Temple of Doom. This poster prominently features images of the main character, their love interest, the sidekick, and the main antagonist, so I had to find analogues for each for mine. I found images of Cliff Secord, Jenny Blake, and Neville Sinclair. I ran into some trouble finding an adequate image to use for Peevy, who is the main character’s closest friend. I ended up taking a black and white photograph of him that I really liked and ran it through a website that uses AI to colorize photographs. The last photograph I used in my poster was of the Bulldog Cafe, a prominent location in the film.

I edited the images together in Procreate, sharpening them and adjusting their individual color balances to achieve the look I wanted. I also downloaded an Indiana Jones style font to use in the poster. Though my poster does not fully capture the intensity of the Indiana Jones poster nor the whimsy of the actual Rocketeer film, I think it still stands as a worthy merging of the two properties.