Radio Bumper

September 23, 2021 By Mason

One of the assignments this week was to create a radio bumper for DS106 Radio. For mine, I decided to try end go for a style similar to those of the fictional Mr. New Vegas from the video game Fallout: New Vegas. I wanted to do something with an easygoing attitude that wasn’t too jarring or aggressive. My message would be simple, “this is DS106, a place for audio art. Have a great day.” I didn’t want to do the station slogan since I was pretty sure a lot of other people would do that, so I instead leaned into a more “Bob Ross” approach that emphasized art and genuine care for the viewer (or in this case, listener). I paired my voice with a big band track from called Red Sky by Dee Yan-Key. I think this track fit well with the more relaxed atmosphere I was trying to cultivate. I merged the track with my voice using Audacity where I adjusted the spacing between a few of my lines before downloading it to my computer and uploading it onto Soundcloud. The only real issue I came across while editing was that I had said the word “day” a bit too softly, causing it to get lost in the backing track. Fortunately, I was able to isolate that portion of the audio recording and amplify it without it being too obvious.