For my final video project of the week, I completed a project where I had to make a video entirely from my own point of view. Since I knew I would be going to Target today, my plan was to take a video of me going in to the store, shoot a clip of me grabbing everything I was buying, and then one more when I had everything back in my dorm. Unfortunately, I forgot to carry out this plan while I was at Target, so I instead chose to take a few short videos as I walked to class today.

When I was taking the videos, I tried to look through the screen, rather then look around it. In doing so, I hoped that the footage would provide a more authentic first person experience. This did not prove to be much of an obstacle while filming, as I could still use my peripheral vision to understand my general location and not bump into anything. The only times I stopped filming were when I would end up focusing my camera on one person too long and when I crossed the street. This was just for safety and privacy concerns.

When editing the clips together, I used a lot of cross dissolves. This helped the motion from one shot carry over into the next without transition between them being too jarring. I also made sure that most of the clips ended on a focal point that was far away, but would become significantly closer in the next shot (this is best seen with the trash can).

As for Music, I browsed the IMovie music library until I found a piece that I felt fit the atmosphere I wanted to achieve. The song was a little shorter than the final video I had edited together, so I ended up cutting one of my shots entirely.

If I were to do this again, I think I would try and execute my original idea. It would be quick, snappy, and tell a complete narrative. The final project I completed still tells its own story, but I just think my first idea was better.