License Plate

October 1, 2021 By Mason

For my final design assignment of the week, I decided to create a personalized license plate based on Bob Ross. For this, I started by searching for some information about him. After reading about him on Wikipedia, I learned that he spent a lot of his life in Florida, so I decided to use a Florida license plate as my template.

I wanted to make custom lettering for the plate, so I downloaded the License Plate USA font from DaFont and used that to make my text. I didn’t want to do anything particularly fancy, so I simply decided to spell out his name while inserting a few numbers. This left me with the text “BOB R05” although I don’t think the font does a particularly good job of differentiating the zeros from O’s. I would have added a second 5 for the “Ross” section, but according to Wikipedia, the standard serial format for Floridian license plates is currently ABC D12. The last edit I made to the original image was the alteration of the expiration sticker to be on Bob Ross’s birth month and year.