Every Hour Vlog

October 29, 2021 By Mason

I thought it would be fun to try out the every hour vlog assignment. For this assignment, I took one video every hour, narrating what happened in my day. This proved to be easier said than done. I tried doing this two days ago, but several factors led me to postpone it until the next day. The deciding factor was my misunderstanding of the kind of video I was supposed to be taking. I took a few, very short videos that featured little dialogue and did not convey any critical information about my day. About halfway through the day, I decided to stop taking videos and, instead, attempt a more active approach the next day.

The videos I put in my final project do a much better job of narrating my day. Although they rarely contain any action within them (most of the action is either before or after they were filmed) they still do an adequate job of relaying information to the audience. The main focus of my dialogue is on the actions I have just completed and the actions I intend to complete. Seeing these clips side by side helps to put into perspective how my intended course of action can be thrown off by distractions and other obligations. This can be seen when my fascination with the Blue and Grey leads me to forget to film the Wonder Bread Walkers.

One of the limitations I faced while completing this assignment came from the structure of my schedule. The way my schedule is set up, I had multiple situations in which I could not record my vlog at the appropriate time. While this was a tad disappointing, as I say in one of the videos, that’s just the way life works out. It would have made the final product a bit more interesting if I could record whenever I pleased, but the final product is still nothing to be disappointed with.

After I filmed my final part, I began editing the vlogs together. Since I couldn’t add titles in my James Corden video, I decided to use them in order to mark the different times in each vlog. After the editing was complete, I exported the video to my Google Drive and uploaded it to YouTube. I did this because I did not have enough room on my ICloud drive to save my video there, even if I had deleted all of the individual vlogs in my gallery (which I had already tried). Although this was a more roundabout way to get my assignment uploaded, it still worked out. However, that does not necessarily mean I’m not hoping I won’t have to do the same for my next assignment.