This week saw me completing three assignments for the Daily Create.

The first assignment was to create an image that showed the beginning and end of something. I thought a picture of the recycling box in my dorm would be appropriate. I probably would not have even considered using a recycling can for this project had I not been actively using this one to dispose of my birch beer bottles (it’s like root beer. it’s not alcoholic).

The next assignment I did was to finish a sentence beginning with “what’s so funny about peace, love, and…” so that it could be used to help an AI learn how to auto-generate language.

And for the final one, I took a picture of my shoes. I wear Brooks because, at a certain point in time, I only wore Vans. After walking around for two days in the rain, my feet became so sore that I had to buy a pair of shoes that cost more than $30 otherwise I would be in constant pain. Brooks just happened to be the brand that I picked up and my loyalties now lie with them.