Since I am studying theatre, I seem to have naturally gravitated towards some of the more performance-based assignments in the assignment bank. For this one, we had to use our best accent to order food from McDonald’s. I decided to use a British Accent as most of my other accents are abysmal. I did the same thing that I did in my divorce scene where I recorded both characters’ lines separately, made them into modules so that I could shift some of them around, and placed a track of background noise underneath. When I did the recording for the British man, I didn’t have a plan. I simply looked up the McDonald’s menu and started ordering off whatever I saw (this is how I ended up with a Hi-C/Fanta mix and a sausage burrito flavor Mcflurry). Also, I ended up stealing a joke from a meme I had seen a long time ago. Since this project had fewer lines than my divorce scene, it proved to be a bit easier and since I had the experience, the editing process went a lot smoother. I, again, got the background track from and inserted it into the mix after I had finished working on the dialogue.