As Bob could discern, everyone found goodness hidden inside. Jolly kindness let men notice, observe, paint. Quite readily soldiers transfer unfriendly veneer, welcoming xenia, your zeda.

This is not so much a story so much as a free verse poem. I thought this assignment would be a grand old time because, my high school improv team used to play a game called Alphabet Street that had the same concept as this assignment, but the letters advanced every sentence, not each word. While writing, I found that this was a lot more difficult than Alphabet Street. I found myself revising, rewriting, and using the dictionary to find words that would work in specific areas. For example, zeda (from the dictionary I used) means grandfather in Yiddish. Because this story lacks much of a narrative, I feel it is appropriate to include a bit of an explanation of its meaning.

The Bob mentioned is Bob Ross. The goodness inside is what he intends to awaken through The Joy of Painting. Through his demeanor, he intends to give people the tools to see the world in their mind and bring it into reality through art. By doing this, he hopes to make even the unfriendliest of people lose their hard exterior and become more kind. Xenia is the ancient Greek term for hospitality, so when I say “welcoming xenia, your zeda” what I mean to say is that those people should welcome hospitality, an honorable value that is ancient.