After working for so long on my silent film, I felt I needed to take on a shorter assignment to allow me a moment to catch my breath. So, I looked to the shortest assignment in the Video bank, the 5 second film. For this assignment, I had to create a five second long short film that tells a complete joke.

Before starting on mine, I watched a few videos from 5secondfilms to get some inspiration. After figuring out a formula, I tried to find a joke that would work within the constraints of the project. Since I have been feeling a bit stressed about some essays that I am doing for my classes, I incorporated that into my video. The film became about a student who didn’t do their essay and got a bad grade on it.

To keep things simple, I made the video five shots (one for each second). The initial shot introduces the main problem and the second shot introduces a new character who proposes a solution. The third allows the main character to accept the solution. The fourth and fifth shots respectively show whe result of the solution and the main character’s response to that result.

I filmed the video immediately after play rehearsal. My friends Sean and Niko acted out the characters in a space within the theatre building as I recorded them. Afterwards, I edited together the shots using IMovie and posted it on YouTube. My friends from rehearsal have been really good sports about helping me with my projects and I’m glad that they continue to take interest in my work.