Month: September 2021

Week 2

This week in DS106 felt a lot less hectic than the first. For the first week, I had to set up accounts on new platforms, engage with accounts I hadn’t really used before, and familiarize myself with software that I had never used. Now that I have gotten the chance to work with these digital […]


5 Days of Creation

This past week, students of DS106 were asked to complete at least 5 Daily Creates. A Daily Create is a shortform assignment posted on this blog in order to get people in the habit of doing something creative every day. The first task I completed was on August 29th. The assignment was to use a […]


Funny Money

In this assignment, I digitally edited a one dollar bill to replace George Washington with universally beloved painter Bob Ross. Not only that, I edited a few of the bill’s other features just for fun. Below is the final product. This week in DS106, we were told to go through a categorized bank of assignments […]