Month: September 2021

Three More Creates

This week was pretty good so far, and I was actually able to complete my daily creates a bit early. To start off, I replaced the word love in a song with Monty Python. Why did it have to be Monty Python? What do they have to do with it? Who knows. All that matters […]


Thoughts about Design

Reviewing the materials on design helped me understand a lot about what goes into creating appealing advertisements. I had noticed some of the film poster tropes that were described in the Vanity Fair video, but the presenter’s breakdown of each genre really helped me understand them better, and the examples shown did a good job […]


Week 5

This was it. This was the week when everything started to fall apart. Let’s start with the positives. I was able to complete all of the assigned work this week. I was able to all three of my Daily Creates on each of their assigned days, even if some of them were posted a bit […]


At the Diner

The last audio assignment I completed for this class was a sound effects story. For this assignment we had to create a short narrative using only sound effects. Since I had already set my other two audio assignments in restaurants, I decided to make this one “restaurant themed” as well. This time I wanted to […]


Daily Creates Vol. 4

Three more daily creates. The first one had us white out some words in a poem in order to make an entirely new one. Or, in my case, a stripped down version of the original. Next, I had to make a piece of art focused on one of the elements on the Periodic Table. I […]


Radio Show Ideas

What I would probably like to do most for my radio show would be to make a sequel to The Dick Johnson Chronicles: Murder at McMystery Mansion. Around the second week at college, I participated in a 24 hour theatre festival in which participants had 24 hours to write, direct, and perform a few 10 […]